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Well, here we are again. After finding ourselves missing a local place to get a coffee in the morning, we decided to stop wishing and start doing. After bringing The Vagabond Taproom to life and enjoying the overwhelmingly positive response from our great community, we decided that a local coffee shop would be a terrific and much needed addition to our town. After all, how are you supposed to get out and explore the world without a delicious cup of coffee to get you on your way??

Shoofly Java got its namesake from late 19th century and early 20th century railroad terminology that was later adopted by the vagrant (or Vagabond, if you will) community who used the railroads to travel. In the traveler community, the word “shoofly” meant to stay on the train and bypass a stop, or town. That being said, we don’t think Shoofly Java will be a place you want to miss during your travels!!

Patrick, Michelle, Eliana and Cameron

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Do you love coffee? You’re in the right place. Stop in, pick up your Shoofly Library card, and for every nine cups of coffee or tea you buy, your tenth one will be on us!

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